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Terms and Conditions of License

This Secured and Unsecured Property Tax database is provided to assure efficient communications to Title Companies, Mortgage Companies, Tax Services, Property Owners, and Direct Agents of Property Owners. Use of this site indicates agreement to use this Internet database exclusively for one of the following PURPOSES:

A non-refundable convenience fee will appear on your Credit Card statement as a separate charge. This amount is in addition to the tax bill payment. El Dorado County does not receive any part of the convenience fee. It is imposed solely by the third-party payment processor. Currently fees are: $.75 for EFT and 1.95% of the payment amount, with a minimum Service Fee of $1.95 per Payment Transaction for Credit/Debit Cards. .

When paying via Electronic Transfer of Funds (EFTs), please be aware of the following issues. EFTs are subject to validation with your bank, which is not an immediate process. There is a possibility that EFTs will NOT clear, due to insufficient funds in the account, or incorrect account information.

This can have the following consequences for you as the taxpayer:

      1. You become liable for a Returned Credit Card/EFT Charge of $25.00

      2. If the deadline for paying property taxes passes and the EFT payment is subsequently rejected, you are also liable for a late payment penalties and costs.

The Tax Collector's Office is NOT responsible for any additional fees or penalties that become due because of a dishonored EFT payment by the Taxpayer's Bank.

Use of this site indicates acknowledgment of the "License Agreement" and each user agrees to use the County of El Dorado On-Line Secured and Unsecured Tax Bills Internet Program solely for purposes of ascertaining tax amounts due as outlined in the preceding paragraph titled PURPOSES. Data acquired shall not be sold or disclosed to any party not directly associated with the party to this "License Agreement".

The user acknowledges and agrees that the County of El Dorado is the owner and licensor of the property tax database and that this agreement governs access to and use of the database and permitted content.

This license is non-transferable, and a limited license to access and use certain portions of the database for internal business use of the party to this "License Agreement".

Access to the database is prohibited directly or indirectly to any third party.

The County of El Dorado reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without prior notice.

The database is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. El Dorado County and its employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, and third party providers do not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations concerning the database, and specifically disclaim any warranty or representation concerning the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or functionality of the database.

In no event will El Dorado County be liable for any damages, including loss of data, lost opportunity for profits, or any special, incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages arising from or relating to the use of the database or its content; however, caused and on any theory of liability. This limitation will apply even if the County of El Dorado has been advised or given notice of the possibility of such damage. The user assumes the entire risk as to the use of the database content.

The user of this database agrees that El Dorado County shall not be responsible for any interruption of service or communications breakdown or for failure of any computer software or programs.

The user of this database agrees that El Dorado County shall not be liable for any inaccurate information contained in the database, nor to any person who may have received such information from users.

This license is granted without fee, pursuant to the authority of the County of El Dorado and grants no vested rights whatsoever to any user herein.

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